Whether you work in an office or an outdoor setting, hard work deserves a healthy snack. In order for us to be effective at our jobs we need to have fuel in our bodies. But during the times we work, it is not an easy task finding healthy snack options nearby. To battle this, some of us will bring food to work and that is a smart idea. But are the snacks we bring to work filled with good ingredients that make us feel energized? Statistics show less than 40% of employees bring food to work every day. Of that 40% less than 20% bring healthy, nutritional snacks. Regardless of your situation, it is best if the snacks you have while working are snacks that have nutritional value. So we would like to give some great options to always having healthy snacks for work.

  • Core Vending LLC Healthy Vending Machine
  • Save Money and Time by Grocery Shopping 2 Times a Month

Core Vending LLC Healthy Vending Machine (These are free by the way)

This is our favorite option. For one, it is free. Core Vending LLC is a locally owned and managed vending machine operator. Local to the Greater Houston Area, they truly take a differentiated approach in an industry that is in serious need of a systemic quality upgrade. They will service and stock your healthy vending machine for free with no strings attached. It doesn’t matter if you are already on a different contract, Core Vending LLC will find a way to work with most situations. The customer service is great, but the absolute best part about Core Vending LLC is the snacks! They have a large variety of healthy vending, which is great for employees. It helps them feel better and happier through the work day. They also have a variety of traditional snack options if you want to mix it up a little! It is super easy, just visit www.corevendingllc.com . You can either give them a call or fill out the form on their website to see if they fit for your space.

Save Money and Time by Grocery Shopping Two Times a Month

This is a good option as well, by budgeting your money and shopping for healthier snacks you will act as your own healthy vending machine. You may have to eat similar snacks each day if you chose this option but the great thing about this option is saving money! You will stock your own vending machine so to speak by choosing healthy snack options for your lunchbox. The most important thing about your personal healthy vending machine is snacks with great nutrition. These snacks will not only make you feel better, but look better and have the energy to do great work.

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