About CoreVending

Snacks: We also use M&Ms, Snickers, Planters Nuts, Doritos, Cheetos, Takis, etc. upon request for less healthy items.

Drinks: We also use Coke, Dr. Pepper, Monster, Red Bull, etc. upon request for less healthy items.

Meals: (only when entrée unit included)

Our mission is to execute with a relentless focus on product quality and personalized service at no cost and with no long-term obligation to our location partners.

Our Machines

  • Cashless payment technology in addition to cash/coins
  • Daily remote monitoring to focus on low product levels
  • Energy-saving mode can be used so no power is wasted
  • SmartCard technology to upload/change settings
  • Capability to add SmartMart for meals/other items
  • Compliant with 2012 Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Proudly made in the USA, so quick replacement of parts
  • Multiple fresh machine designs from which to choose

Our Product Offering

  • Healthier/higher quality items than traditional machines
  • Flexible/customizable offering to accommodate location
  • Data available on best-selling items from national retailers
  • Reasonable price point on all items

Our Focus on Service

  • Real-time monitoring to ensure no empty coils
  • Real-time responses to any issues (direct owner access)
  • 100% free service underpins our partner driven model
  • Obligation-free relationship
  • Entrée/Side Item Vendor available for suitable locations
  • Referral program for placement of new machines
Vending manchine